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Synergy Wellness is a healing practice owned by me, Sid Snider. I’m delighted to operate a personalized practice that’s deeply in touch with my clients and their treatment results. Since 2003 I’ve been providing safe, effective, holistic health care in Portland, Oregon and by distance treatment. I work with a broad spectrum of concerns in adults, children and animals. I specialize in Advanced BodyTalk.

The BodyTalk System and the Pulse Techniques are respectfully profound modalities of energy medicine that improve communication within your body and mind, so you can thrive as nature intended. They treat mental/emotional concerns like depression, anxiety and overwhelm; spiritual issues like the search for meaning, self-awareness and life purpose; and physical symptoms like pain, indigestion and poor immunity.

By reducing stress and enhancing inner communication, I work with any healing priority you can think of. Treatment results are excellent for all ages and life stages. I look forward to supporting your healing and spiritual needs for years to come.

Thank you soooooo much for the session! I feel so HAPPY — lighter than air. I need to load my pockets down with rocks to stay on the ground. I am totally peaceful.    – Laurie Schaad

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Customer Service Excellence

Synergy Wellness won the Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service in 2015, 2016 and 2017, based on independent research by CBN.  Only businesses that provide customers with the best possible service rate highly enough to earn this recognition.

CBN provides a balanced, objective view of customer satisfaction and service by small to mid-size companies, based on unbiased, credible and objective third-party rating. CBN weighs information from many sources to identify top companies across the US. Only those businesses earning the highest ratings are honored with CBN’s Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service.

Giving Back

We are all connected in the universal fabric of well-being. Every treatment you have at Synergy Wellness directly supports other people, animals, and the environment. I donate 15% of profits to local charities.

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