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Healing and change are attainable, and often easier than you might expect.

Here are several case studies as examples. For questions about treating your specific concerns, please email us.

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I love the miracles that come out of this office.    – Helen McConnell, EFT practitioner

  • Adrenal Fatigue

    Laura, a vivacious 67-year old retiree who loves to travel and spend time with family, felt exhausted and unfocused. Her doctor diagnosed her with Adrenal Fatigue. After a recent BodyTalk wellness session, her energy returned and she was once again able to accomplish her goals.

  • Anger, Loss & Money

    Jessie is an avid cyclist in her early 40's, employed at a university. We have been working in person and by phone monthly for over a year. Many things have changed in that time: Jessie stopped feeling angry all the time and started feeling present; she released limiting beliefs about money and her own value; and she healed core wounds from losing multiple members of her immediate family. Jessie broke through the wall she used to put up with people and partners. Nowadays she feels awed by the magic and mystery of life, and is becoming a practitioner so she can help others heal.

  • Back Pain & Food Poisoning

    James is a gifted, middle-aged artist whose ground-breaking cookbook is about to be published. The stress of finalizing and promoting the cookbook, as well as significant life changes, created tension in his back along with feelings of overwhelm. By the end of his appointment, he felt peaceful, his spine was comfortable, and his energy was flowing again. He felt more relaxed about a situation beyond his control. James and I have been working together for years on an as-needed basis to diffuse ongoing stress and expand his sense of well-being. He was traveling abroad during a remote session in September. The treatment identified and helped him recover from a case of food poisoning so he could enjoy the rest of his travels. Alongside addressing situational priorities, we enhance deep areas like self-esteem, visibility, and connection to others, so that James functions at his very best internally and in the public eye.

  • Broken Bone

    Kathleen, an 18 year old woman, broke a knuckle two weeks before coming for treatment. Since breaking the bone her hand was swollen and bruised and she could not bend one of her fingers. As the Body Talk System first aid treatment was applied, Kathleen noticed increased circulation within the injured area. The injury’s inflammation and stiffness healed within six days of the session.

  • Chronic Pain & Fatigue

    Darlene, a 52 year old woman, presented with chronic pain and fatigue caused by arthritis, liver failure, Epstein-Barr, and a combination of medications. By her second appointment she is nearly pain-free and is menstruating for the first time in two years.

  • Compulsive Behaviors

    Allison, a 25 year old woman, wanted to eliminate her compulsive eating and compulsive sexuality behaviors. After two sessions she reported major improvement in her relationships with both food and men. Months later Allison disclosed that before BodyTalk she had been a binge drinker; she is now able to drink in moderation and considers her alcoholism cured.

  • Cosmetic Surgery: Face & Neck Lift

    Sue, a 68 year old woman, had full face and neck lift surgery two weeks ago. She received 6 remote BodyTalk sessions to optimize her results and recovery. Despite being diabetic, never exercising, and smoking for 50 years (until recently), she does not look like she had major surgery two weeks ago. She bruised less from the surgery than is typical and is healing faster. Her energy level is good and she is thrilled with her outcome.

  • Fear of Miscarriage

    Nancy is a dynamic special-ed teacher in the first trimester of pregnancy. One night she called because she was spotting. She felt "super scared" about having a second miscarriage; the first miscarriage happened just a couple of months ago. She felt alone and frightened. We used the Advanced Pulse technique to address the disconnect she felt from the baby and release various fears. 45 minutes later she felt strong, stable, and ready to embrace this pregnancy. The spotting subsided and she has been in good spirits since the session. The rest of her pregnancy was easy. She and the baby are thriving.

  • Feelings of Well-Being

    Betty, a 49 year old woman, notices feeling “more light in myself, balanced and quite cheerful, and a general sense of well-being that I really enjoy” for several weeks following each session.

  • Hearing Loss

    A 51-year old man came for help with significant hearing loss in his left ear, along with pain and pressure there, numbness in his face, general exhaustion, and the need to urinate every 30 minutes. After 1 treatment the pain, pressure and numbness are completely gone! He can hear sounds with his left ear again. He is sleeping the best he has in many years, his energy is high, and he is thrilled that he only needs the bathroom a few times a day.

  • High Blood Pressure

    Beth, a 53 year old woman, had high blood pressure. After one Body Talk session her blood pressure dropped within normal range and has stayed there without medication.

  • Hyperthyroidism

    Sandy, an 18 year old woman, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a condition that causes rapid weight loss, shakiness, headaches, fatigue, and muscle loss. When four sessions of Body Talk therapy brought Sandy’s levels of thyroid hormone into normal range her symptoms disappeared. Sandy’s fear of home burglary also came up for balancing during one of the sessions. By the next day her fear was permanently gone.

  • Intuitive Sleuthing

    During a session I heard the intuitive message that a heavy, dark clock in my client's home was making him chronically anxious because the clock contained angry, disturbed energy. My client then told me about an iron clock he'd had for 40+ years, a gift from his abusive father. A psychic subsequently visited the clock. According to my client, the psychic was "immediately struck with powerful negative emotions through the entire body of the clock. In fact it was bursting with sadness, discontent and anger. A lot of deaths are associated with it. The force was so strong it literally pushed her away. She spoke with its entity, an old man full of rage, sorrow and a stubborn determination not to leave the clock." My client is having the clock energetically cleansed and recycled.

  • Life Path, Career & Vitality

    29 year-old Bailey had three treatments to improve confidence, clarity on her life path, finding the right diet for her body, emotional well-being, and menstrual problems. Everything improved dramatically, including trusting her intuition and in the goodness of life itself. She wrote, "I want to share the great news that I received an offer for an AMAZING job. I could not be more excited or feel more in alignment with my personal and professional path. So much has shifted in my mindset, vibration, health, wellness and vitality since we began working together and I have no doubt that this opportunity came together as a result of the sessions we've done. Sending you my sincere thanks for the work that you do and the healing you've helped awaken in me."

  • Migraines

    Kimberly is a bright, bubbly teenager preparing for SAT's and college essays. She suffered from frequent, debilitatingly painful migraines, as well as periodic nausea. Her symptoms typically worsen during the school year. After three treatments her tendency to worry lessened dramatically, her sleep is refreshing, and she has more energy in the mornings. Kimberly hasn't had a single migraine and the nausea is gone.

  • Pancreatitis

    Wendy, a 34 year old new mom, was hospitalized for a ruptured gallbladder and acute pancreatitis. Surgery had to wait until acute pancreatitis subsided, which the doctors expected to take a few days. After remote BodyTalk, Whitney's pancreas improved so rapidly that she safely had surgery the next morning. She was thrilled to move forward and return home to her baby.

  • Panic Attacks

    Danielle, a 33 year old woman, suffered from panic attacks every day for five years. The attacks lasted all day long and into the night, preventing her from sleeping restfully or fully. After four BodyTalk therapy and Reiki sessions her panic attacks ended completely, her insomnia is gone, and she sleeps “like a baby.”

  • Parkinson's Disease

    Lisa, a 56 year old woman, has been coping with Parkinson’s Disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination, for 36 years. After four sessions of Body Talk and Reiki she feels more at peace with her life, more assertive about her healthcare, and more spiritually evolved.

  • Shame

    Edward, a 31 year old man, was subjected to ongoing incest during his teen years. Nine years of counseling failed to diminish his shame about the abuse. One session of Thought Field Therapy reversed the shame and he is able to look back on the incidents without the self-blame or self-loathing he previously felt. Several months after the session Edward said, “I’m amazed that I finally got rid of the shame, and even more amazed that it never came back.”

  • Writer's Block

    Nora, a 22 year old woman, was frustrated by months of writer’s block because it prevented her from the writing and painting she enjoyed. Since one session of Thought Field Therapy reversed the block, she has been creatively productive and prolific.

Names were changed to preserve confidentiality.

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