Healing and change are attainable, and often easier than you might expect.

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  • Confidence, Energy & Synchronicity

    I just wanted to thank you for the most recent session. That focus on alignment really enriched every part of my life. I have more physical energy, a clearer mind, better luck (!), growing empathic awareness, and I am somehow expressing a personality that is greater than the sum of my parts. Everything is falling into place and in order.

  • Alcoholism

    I had been drinking almost every day and was worried that I had a problem. I partied after work every night, I drank during the day on my days off, and I drank by myself all the time. After a session with Sid in which there were a few links to my liver, I felt like I should take a break from alcohol. I committed myself to stop drinking for a while just to cleanse my body, and I thought it would be a huge struggle. To my surprise, it was effortless—I naturally did not want to drink. That was two months ago. Since then I go out for drinks maybe once a week, and when I do, I don't drink to the point of getting drunk! I never think about drinking at all anymore, I could live with or without it. Considering mainstream beliefs around alcoholism, this is amazing!! I feel three times healthier!    – N A, Grad Student

  • Anxiety, ADHD

    I wanted to let you know how amazed and pleased I am that my stress and worry have not returned. A true miracle. I will soon leave my regular paycheck and make the leap in developing a private practice. I feel that you are instrumental in providing me the inner resources to make this transition. I am very grateful for helping me into my True Self. Truly life changing. Oh and I do not have the ADHD symptoms of memory loss, lack of focus, impulsiveness that plagued me before. I am not losing things, I am able to pay more attention and being mindful when I drive, I do not need to fiddle when I am waiting for the light to change. I don't feel I need to distract myself from the present moment.    – Mark Hashizume, finance

  • Anxious 5 Year Old Child

    Sam just seems happier today. Lighter. Less burdened. As a mother, I could burst into tears with gratitude. Thank you for such a powerful healing treatment for him yesterday.

  • Back Pain

    My first experience with BodyTalk came at an appropriate time for me. I was going through three major life transitions and my body was feeling the toll of stress. I was hesitant going into the first session. My back muscles were in excruciating pain. When the session had ended my pain was totally gone. I didn't want to believe the fact that the gentle method would have such a profound effect but there was no denying the lack of pain. I never felt anything but great coming out of each session. I would recommend the treatment to just about anyone.    – C H, student

  • Clear Skin after Years of Acne

    BodyTalk is doing its magic. With great enthusiasm I'd like to report that my skin has been clear since our second appointment. It remained clear even after I ate a bunch of crappy food (which I normally avoid) because I was out of town without healthier options. I thought for sure that the poor diet would give me a typical breakout - but my skin is still perfect-looking! When my boyfriend saw me tonight, the first thing he said was Your skin looks great! It's like music to my ears. THANK YOU!!! I am literally counting down the days until our next session :)    – Kat Farovitch, massage therapist

  • Decisions, Being in the Moment

    We started hospice last Wednesday. They are amazing and mom is responding very well to them. Going into the meeting Wednesday morning (after seeing you on Tuesday) was actually kind of a special experience. The decisions came easily and with confidence. Something changed through this process of working together and with it comes a weird sense of strength and peace. For the first time in my life I think I am really part of the moment as it is happening and the journey vs. living in fast-forward and leaping towards tomorrow. All good!!

  • Depression

    The turnaround after your treatment yesterday was swift and surprising. I feel immensely better, lighter, smarter, happier, with no more heavy feeling in my gut. No hints of depression. You majorly cleared some kind of an invasion. Thanks for being so amazing!    – Jane Barthelemy, author of Good Morning Paleo

  • Depression, Anxiety & Exhaustion

    In regards to how I feel and changes after the first treatment: 1) Improved mood & decreased anxiety levels. 2) Increased vitality & ability to be present. 3) I'm having fun again, even when I'm all alone. 4) Once I am asleep, I sleep through the night and feel rested on waking. 5) I feel alive again.

  • Drug Recovery, Motivation

    My daughter had a nice breakthrough this week (after her first BodyTalk appointment) and managed to schedule appointments for herself with an outpatient rehab/weekly support group. She found and attended an NA meeting last night and landed two job interviews this week. Hurray! I am so pleased that she has taken massive action.    – K S, manager

  • Emotional Release, Manifesting

    Just wanted to let you know that I am doing GREAT! I got through the fog and the inner tsunami about a week ago and feel a very big shift happening. It feels as though I let go of some huge baggage - the results have been practically stupendous. Opportunities are coming my way to learn, to grow, to gain huge exposure, and to vastly increase my manifesting muscle power! There is a new sense of peace and trust in the Universe, and a new confidence that I really CAN have it all.    – J L, entrepreneur

  • Energy, Drive & Productivity

    I have a lot more energy and drive! My chi is flowing! I am cranking out the work! I feel lighted with less baggage. My 'stories' are hilarious. I am gaining a perspective and a distance from them to the point of saying to myself, oh that story. Ha!! Oh, yay, not believing that one any more. What else can I believe instead? AWESOME!!! I am so grateful, Sid!! Thank you so so so much :)    – Kerry Jehane, intuitive healer

  • Eyesight

    After my session I walked out of the building and got into my car. I automatically reached for my glasses so I could drive home. Especially at dusk and night time these are critical. So, I pull out and notice that things are kind of weird and distorted looking. After driving a block I lift my glasses off my eyes while looking at a license plate on the car in front of me. Everything was clearer without my glasses! I took the glasses off and drove all the way home IN THE DARK without them, because I could see! I could read road signs, license plates, logos on the back of cars, everything! Most important, when I got off the freeway I could clearly see people on the side of the road, something I could not have done yesterday in that light without glasses. It is amazing!    – Barbara Garrison, school administrator

  • Fear of Driving

    After having been in two severe car accidents only six months apart, I developed an intense fear of traveling on freeways and at high speeds. I felt very out of control operating my own vehicle and even more uncomfortable if someone else was driving. I missed out on important events and opportunities because of this fear of driving on freeways. After many different attempts at resolution with other practitioners, a single session of BodyTalk therapy with you restored my sense of calm, capability, and control while driving at higher speeds. Immediately after the session I was able to drive two hours on the freeway in a calm and relaxed way for the first time in two years. That was six months ago and I still feel great while driving.    – M E, computer programmer

  • Fear of Making Mistakes

    I just want to say thank you sooo much for the work you have been doing on me! I'm finally at a place were I'm not afraid of doing wrong but instead making myself and my life better!! If only I would have done it in the first place! Goodness!!    – Jessica Honore, real estate broker

  • Feeling Great

    (Since my PaRama BodyTalk session) I've been fantastic! I feel deeply patient, filled with the present moment, incredibly clear in my thinking and my perception. Like a fully-charged battery loaded with potential and able to spend it slowly. It's really cool. I've gained access to new levels of self-expression physically, as well as in words and visual design. Creative limitations that I had believed to be permanent in my nature have vanished. Ordinary activities have become brand-new and free of old taints, as if I've never done them before. It's like starting over, but with all my existing skills intact.    – A H, government contractor

  • Grace during End of Life Care

    We started hospice last Wednesday. They are amazing and mom is responding very well to them. Going into the meeting after seeing you the day before was actually kind of a special experience. The decisions came easily and with confidence. Probably no surprise to you but something changes through this process and with it comes a weird sense of strength and peace. For the first time in my life I think I am really part of the moment as it is happening and the journey vs. living in fast-forward and leaping towards tomorrow. All good!!

  • Hearing, Speech

    Holy moly - just wanted to shoot you a quick note. I woke up this morning and my ear is very different. I don't sound like Mickey Mouse in my head when I speak and the funny pressure that comes and goes seems to be completely gone. Even my speech feels more normal and flowing without having to think about it. Happy Day!    – John Fread, communications professional

  • Hip Pain, Rash

    Sid, I am feeling so much better! I love our sessions - always fascinating and helpful. My left hip is much relieved and getting better by the day. The rash has nearly disappeared and I feel much peace of mind. Thanks so much.    – L S, artist

  • HPV / Genital Warts

    After receiving BodyTalk treatments for HPV, I went to a cryotherapy appointment with my gynocologist. We were amazed to see that the lesions on my cervix were mostly gone. The doctor was amazed and said she had never ever seen things resolve like that in three weeks...she asked for your card. You are fantastic and I'm so glad for your help!!    – L R, nurse practitioner

  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

    I just wanted to let you know how my blood pressure is going since our recent session on that issue. My husband checked it this morning and it was normal! 108/70. Pretty great results! Thank you SO much!    – B G, retired

  • Internal Guidance, Transformation

    Thank you for your words; your sessions are a kind of poetry. You always give me images that my higher self/unconscious grabs and presents later in a kind of internal slide show that both illustrates and guides me as I push forward and deeper into this process of transformation. I love it. I feel amazing.

  • Insomnia, Learning Disorders

    Everything is going well since my kids' last BodyTalk sessions. My daughter is sleeping better and my son's teacher is amazed at the change in him this school year. Fortunately, he has the same teacher as last year so she is seeing his improvement first-hand. The only bummer is that when I tell people the improvements are because of BodyTalk, they just do not believe it is possible. But I am happy that BodyTalk is helping my family!    – T P, homemaker

  • Knee Pain, Stiffness

    Thanks a million for a great session this week. My knees are SO much better.....not that grinding pain with every step. I can go up and down our stairs SO much easier and faster now!    – Angie Wilder, BodyTalk practitioner

  • Marital Satisfaction

    I want to thank you for the work you have done with my wife while I was in India. I have been greeted by a woman who is fully present as a lover, wife, and friend. A huge change from a few months ago. I do not understand your work but the results are obvious. You are a skilled and intuitive counselor. I am so glad she found you.

  • Moving to New Home

    I feel amazingly well during this crazy move (from my home of 32 years). Thanks so much for your skill and expertise, and diligence in developing your practice to the level where you help so many people on a such deep level.    – J Calpin, BodyTalk practitioner

  • Overspending Money

    Since you've been treating us, my boyfriend and I don't have shopping/overspending/debting tendencies anymore. I have been making extra money lately. Normally when I have a financial surplus, I am so quick to spend it (Amazon, Target, Urban Outfitters are danger zones for me). I recently shopped at all 3 of these places and left empty-handed and with a heavy wallet! We owe this to you, your work, and BodyTalk. Thank you so much. This is incredibly liberating and confidence-building. Hopefully, I will never again feel the need to go to a Debtors Anonymous meeting.    – K F, acupuncturist

  • Panic Attacks 1

    My daughter Lexy literally had a miraculous cure after the first session. Absolutely no more panic attacks. After having 3-4 each day, that is amazing. The whole energy in the house has changed. Also she has been able to connect with people much easier. Some new connections made and some connections made with people that have been around for along time but never had any connection to them.    – Madena Parsley, mom

  • Panic Attacks 2

    I went to see Sid for help with recurring panic attacks. One session in particular stands out, when an appointment coincided with a very intense, almost debilitating panic attack. I almost cancelled my appointment, but knew that making it to her office was necessary. Once there, Sid was incredibly efficient in de-escalating my panic and through breathing exercises, tapping and dialogue, brought me back to a safe place emotionally and physically. Sid possesses a definite gift for empathic energy work, and goes about her work in such a way that puts her clients at ease almost instantly. In my experience with TFT, Sid was very approachable and communicative about the process, and empowered me with a clear knowledge of the work we were doing. By the end of our session, I was grounded, clear and free of irrational panic, and took with me a strong sense of the effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy.    – Jodi Darby, artist & activist

  • Permanent Changes

    As a health care provider I have learned to recognize that healing changes occur best when a person is in a certain zone. This state has been described in several ways, suffice it to say that when I received Sid's BodyTalk therapy, I soon found myself in that zone and feel that the changes I experienced were both profound and permanent. Great work!    – Dr. Arthur Parker, dentist

  • Personal Transformation

    This is some of the most profound work I have ever experienced. I feel so blessed to have found you as a practitioner.    – D H, acupuncturist

  • Predisposition to Cancer

    I've always had this feeling that I was going to get cancer. In one of my BodyTalk therapy sessions with Sid, a genetic predisposition to cancer came up. We linked that up with cellular repair. Now I don't think about it anymore, and feel definitely more free to live a long time! Sid has a wonderful presence, warm, grounded, open, and focused. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting BodyTalk!    – R J, acupuncturist

  • Productivity

    Wow, Sid, I can’t believe how much our session impacted me - my entire system was back in action by the next day; I was thinking clearly, got organized, attacked my writing. Incredible! Thank you so much!!

  • Productivity, Neck Pain

    I just want to tell you how significantly the treatment is affecting me. I am getting more done today than I have in weeks. I literally cannot believe how much I am accomplishing, and I know for a fact that it is because of your work. My neck is 100% pain free for the first time in years. My yoga class last night was much different - I felt transformed. Thanks for everything.    – Sara Young, writer

  • Resistance Gone

    It's really quite amazing how wonderful I'm feeling again, since our last session. I've broken through resistance and am seeing my life with fresh new eyes -- and loving it! It's like a complete turnaround, from negative to positive. I'm loving it, appreciating every moment. Yes, major breakthrough. So glad. Thank you for your assistance. Gotta love Body Talk!

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    Sid, I feel like a new person! It's been dreary for two days and I am NOT!!! Energy and feeling positive and joyful! I am beyond thrilled. Big big huge thanks 🌞🌞🌞☀️☀️☀️    – Kristine Alana, Designer/Retailer

  • Spinal Flexibility

    Just wanted you to know how incredible and immediate your results are. When we talked last week, I was so excited about my newfound talent in art that I completely neglected to tell you about my newfound flexibility! You treated my back and spine so that they would free up. Well, all that happened right away. That evening when I took my dog for a nice long hike, I could tell the difference immediately. The increased movement in my upper back and neck was incredibly noticeable. I haven't felt that flexible since I was training in boxing. That was ten years ago! So thank you. Even after my visits to the chiropractor, I don't feel as good as that.    – Garrett Turner, truck driver

  • Strength & Stamina

    I noted SIGNIFICANT increase of physical strength and stamina on the bike ride home after my appointment. Amazing release of energy blockages.    – Anne Hawley, systems analyst

  • Travel Anxiety

    I can't thank you enough for the BodyTalk session I had before leaving for Europe. You worked on calming me down so that I wouldn't react to my husband's body language or his reactions to situations. There were so few of those situations and they didn't affect me, plus I feel that my energy had a calming effect on my husband. I tell everyone about what you and BodyTalk have done for me. My kids really enjoyed your Access seminar. I will definitely attend the next one!    – B E, retired

  • Urinary Tract Infections

    I had a Urinary Tract Infection that persisted for two weeks despite the fact I was treating it rigorously with herbs and alternative therapies. I was ready to just go get antibiotics, which I wanted to avoid because I know the harmful effects they can have on your body. I decided to give BodyTalk a try, and after one session the UTI was about 90% improved. The results were immediate, which really surprised me even though I know a lot about and am a believer in the BodyTalk system. Sid is an especially present practitioner with a background in energy work, so I think that added to the effectiveness of the treatment. I am so glad that I didn't have to resort to using drugs which would have just compounded the problem in the long run, not solved it.    – Mandy Cameron, massage therapist

  • Witnessing Awareness

    I am having an interesting thing happen where I am feeling totally different in that I am not reacting much to anything, just observing things and getting stronger and stronger intuitive hits about stuff, but with no emotion behind it. So, the question is, am I becoming a Jedi? Just kidding. Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the wonderful work and amazing changes I am feeling and seeing. I am someone I never thought I would be, and I am so grateful. Thanks so much for all that you have done and will do. You rock.    – S Y, manager

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