Free BodyTalk mini-session, tales & tips

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My latest interview about mind-body healing goes live today at 10am Pacific, on fellow healer Kerry Jehane’s Quantum Leaps in Healing talk show. At the end of the broadcast I demonstrate BodyTalk with a free short session.

Whether you want a healing tuneup, enjoy hearing practitioners explain treatments, or are experiencing BodyTalk for the first time, the session is open to everyone. Will you please join me?

(Replay is available through the same link.)

People often tell me that they wish they could explain how BodyTalk is transforming their health and their lives, but they don’t know how to describe it.

They want their friends and family to understand the changes they’re going through and the treatment process, but they don’t have words for the experience.

Can you relate? Are you curious about BodyTalk? Do you wonder what it can treat? And do you wonder how it works?

I’ll answer these questions today. I’ll also share several clients’ stories that will inspire you and elevate your expectations for healing. And at the end I will demonstrate BodyTalk.

Let’s dig into the gooey deliciousness of BodyTalk theory & practice. I hope you can make it!
PS – tune in for my easy tip to improve muscle-testing while reducing tension and increasing intuition.

PPS – please forward this message to folks you’d like to tell about BodyTalk. And if you know BodyTalk practitioners who struggle to explain the modality, email it to them. It’ll help :)

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