A Typical Week of Miracles

I witness miracles at work so often that it’s easy to take them for granted, so I am committing myself to continue sharing these stories. My intent is to encourage and inspire others. Healing and change are attainable, and often easier than you’d expect. Here are typical examples from an actual week at work.

Monday James is a gifted, middle-aged artist whose ground-breaking cookbook is about to be published. The stress of finalizing and promoting the cookbook, as well as significant life changes, created tension in his back along with feelings of overwhelm. By the end of his appointment, James reported that he felt peaceful, his spine was comfortable, and his energy was flowing again. He felt more relaxed about a situation beyond his control. James and I have been working together for years on an as-needed basis to diffuse ongoing stress and expand his sense of well-being. He was traveling abroad during a remote session in September. The treatment identified and helped him recover from a case of food poisoning so he could enjoy the rest of his travels. Alongside addressing situational priorities, we enhance deep areas like self-esteem, visibility, and connection to others, so that James functions at his very best internally and in the public eye.

Tuesday Kimberly is a bright, bubbly teenager preparing for SAT’s and college essays. She suffered from frequent, debilitatingly painful migraines, as well as periodic nausea. Her symptoms typically worsen during the school year. We began working together at my clinic in September during the first week of school. Since then her tendency to worry lessened dramatically, her sleep is refreshing, and she has more energy in the mornings. Kimberly hasn’t had a single migraine and the nausea is gone. After four treatments we are shifting to occasional wellness visits.

Wednesday Jessie is an avid cyclist in her early 40’s, employed at a university. We have been working in person and by phone monthly for over a year. Many things have changed in that time: Jessie stopped feeling angry all the time and started feeling present; she released limiting beliefs about money and her own value; she began writing a blog of incisive socio-political commentary; and she healed core wounds from losing multiple members of her immediate family. Now Jessie is breaking through the wall she used to put up with people and partners. Nowadays she feels awed by the magic and mystery of life, and is becoming a practitioner so she can help others heal.

Friday Nancy is a dynamic special-ed teacher in the first trimester of pregnancy. One night she called because she was spotting. She felt “super scared” about having a second miscarriage; the first miscarriage happened just a couple of months ago. She felt alone and frightened. We used the Advanced Pulse technique to address the disconnect she felt from the baby and release various fears. 45 minutes later she felt strong, stable, and ready to embrace this pregnancy. The spotting subsided and she has been in good spirits since the session. She and the baby just had a healthy check-up at the doctor’s.

Wondering about Thursday? The clinic was closed :)

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