Let Your Body do the Talking

BodyTalk is an innovative system of energy medicine that repairs and enhances communication networks of your entire system, enabling you to thrive as nature intended.

By releasing stored stress and harmonizing inner connections, BodyTalk restores every level of resilient well-being, calmness and clarity. Heal your body, heal your life.

Your Path to Wellness is Unique

Synergy Wellness founder Sid Snider offers gentle wellness care individually tailored to your unique needs. Treatments shift your core patterns powerfully and respectfully.

Sessions are grounded in practical explanation, empowering you to understand the deeper causes and meanings of your patterns — and their solutions.

Real Stories of Synergy

Synergy Wellness clients share their experiences of healing. Physical illnesses, mood disorders, behavioral changes, finding meaning in life: Inspiring stories span the full spectrum of possibility.

Clients describe how Sid’s precise, profound, energy-balancing treatments heal their bodies and their lives.

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